Tūhono History

Tūhono was setup in 2004 to deliver the Māori Affiliation Service that is a role provided within the Electoral Act 1993.
This act enables the Electoral Commission to share Māori enrolment details and iwi affiliation with a central Māori organisation (Tūhono) subject to individual consent, and for these details to be passed on to their affiliated iwi organisations.
There are currently 500 000 + Māori (18yrs and over) registered with the Electoral Commission on both the Māori and general roles.

Tūhono is an independent organisation for iwi and government agencies that assists with the use of Māori data to support iwi strategic goals through constant learning, collaboration and innovation that will result in improved outcomes for Māori from their present state to their desired state. Our intent is that government agencies will significantly improve their partnerships with iwi and give effect to their Treaty of Waitangi obligations.

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